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Siddhant Jain SidTalk: Biography, Career, Early Life, and Earnings

Who is Siddhant Jain SidTalk?


Siddhant Jain or SidTalk is a famous Indian YouTuber who talks about Technology. He generally uploads videos of new inventions in technologies, how to go through this technological equipments. He is also known for his other skills like Developer, Entrepreneur, and Blogger.

Siddhant Jain SidTalk Early life

Siddhant was born on 25th October 1994 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He took his primary education in a local private school in his village, Bhopal. After completing his Plus Two he went to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from RKDF University and then he becomes a Cs engineer after his graduation.

He was too much excited about fascinating things like electronic devices, computer games, etc. From his childhood. From a very young age, he had interested in knowing new technological things and concepts in those devices and understand all the articles which are written on behalf of those devices. Thus, his craze in those things and hobbies made him renowned Indian tech YouTuber.

Siddhant Jain SidTalk Personal Life

He is a young 26 years old man who lives with his small family in Bhopal, he has 4 family members father, his mother, and his sister. With his hard work dedication in his career, he owned a first-class home, car, and bike with his handsome earnings. He also loves to travel around the country.

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Siddhant Jain SidTalk Career

He first started his YouTube channel when he was pursuing his Engineering from RKDF University. He was very fond of techy news since his childhood and made his YouTube channel on 17th February 2016. Just after that on 27th February 2016, he uploaded his first video on “What is HTML”. But there he didn’t get much response from the audience.

He never gets disappointed and never lets down from this he took some ideas and again some days later he uploaded videos with the headline “Windows 10 update permanently?” but here also it doesn’t go well. He continuously worked hard and tried better way to make his video successful after his many videos on tech updates in the same year he made one another type of videos on BHIM app.

Finally, the video on BHIM app gets huge responses and many views and likes, because at that time “BHIM” app was newly launched on payment gateways in India and many peoples doesn’t know how to run the app. But his video made everybody understand in a very easy way to make payment in one go. Thus his BHIM app video was a trend on youtube for many days at that time, many peoples come to know him and started subscribing to his channel and by this, his channel turns into the fastest-growing tech channel in India.

Now, everybody knows him he has more than 3.5m subscribers on YouTube and about 35k followers on Instagram, and about 30k likes on the Facebook page.

Siddhant Earnings from different source

Siddhant has his own website and App named www.fast2sms.com which is based on bulk messages service. It can be sent to individuals or for promotional and marketing via software/API/ web platforms to send online bulk messages in India.

His net worth is approx 15 lakh INR and his per month income is about 3 lakh INR. His earnings come from many sources like-

  • YouTube
  • Promotions of different brands
  • Affiliate Marketing

Siddhant Jain is the role model of many Youths, he inspired many youngsters who are willing to do his passion successfully and wanted to works in the field of Youtuber and Blogger. His ideas and knowledge made him unique in his field which helped him growing day by day.

Achievements and Awards

His creativity and development made him earn his award in many fields like and some of those are the following:

He has been awarded by Bhopal Patrika, Best Tech Youngster Award in the year 2017, and here his article was published in Patrika by Bhopal edition.

He was also nominated for the Top tech Creator where he got 2nd position after the Technical Guruji of India.

THE INDIAN YOUTH CONCLAVE 2019: It is India’s largest youth fest organized by students. Where he has been awarded Tech Youth Icon in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), through the WINGS OF TIME Award seminar in the month of May 2019.

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