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Khan Sir Patna Biography: Know everything Career, Early Life, Education, Family, Income Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, etc.

Khan Sir Patna Biography

Hello friends, today we are here with a new list of Youtuber, not just YouTuber he is also famous for his teaching, he attracts audiences with his style of teaching. He is popularly known as Khan Sir. His videos are related to social like he puts targets on Indian Civil Service exams like UPSC. He loves to teach. He is the man responsible for enormous change in India’s educational sector.

Millions of students are changing their lives as a result of his classes. Aside from that, his life story has been such an inspiration for students that it has changed their lives as well. It’s now your turn to shine. As a result, start reading Khan Sir Patna’s biography right away and you’ll be well on your way to success. Here we will talk about his full biography like early life, career, age, profession, girlfriend, age. So, be here with us till the end to know his success story.

Khan Sir

Who is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir is a well-known YouTuber teacher for millions of youths and also he is the real teacher who has his own coaching center in Bihar, Patna. He is the founder of Khan GS Research Centre. His real name is Faizal Khan who was born in the year 1992, if we see from today he is almost 29 years old. Born in a middle-class-family Gorakhpur district of, Uttar Pradesh. Khan sir, also known as Abdul Kalam, is the most well-liked teacher among students in India today.

Khan sir’s YouTube videos are watched by millions of people across India, and he can easily explain any topic in his mother tongue. “I explain to the students that once they understand it, they never forget it,” he says. He is the man who has brought about enormous change in India’s educational sector. As a result of his classes, millions of students are changing their lives. Aside from that, his life story has been such an inspiration to students that it has also changed their lives. It’s finally your turn to shine.

Short Wiki

Good NameFaizal Khan
Nick NameKhan Sir and Amit Singh
Date of Birth1992
Age (as of 2021)28 Years
BirthplaceGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
HometownGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
ProfessionTeacher, YouTuber, and also Social Worker
Famous forHis Teaching
CollegeAllahabad University
QualificationB.Sc, M.A(Geography)
ReligionMuslim(He don’t differentiate any religion)
Star Sign/ Zodiac SignN/A
Language KnownHindi, Bhojpuri, English

Early Life, Education, and Career

Khan Sir(Faizal Khan) was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India in the month of June in the year 1992. In one of his videos, he says to the students, “I don’t know when I was born.” His parents, however, have informed him that he was born in the month of June. His financial situation was exacerbated in his early years because his father did not have a stable job. Mr. Khan, his father, was always changing jobs, and he even worked in a foreign country before joining the Navy. His mother is a housewife, and he has a brother too.

Khan Sir Patna did his schooling in a traditional school in his hometown. He also has stated that he was a poor(weak) student there. Till eighth grade, he was always at the bottom rank of the class. When he joined grade nine, though, he realized the importance of education; he felt it, he understood it, and he took his life more seriously.

Khan Sir had grown up in a strict and difficult household. He came from a middle-class family, so he had to forego many of his childhood memories. On the one hand, his friends used to throw parties and have a good time, while on the other hand, his parents didn’t even give him pocket money. But, today, Khan sir thanks his parents for encouraging him to do such things when he was young, as these were the things that inspired him the most.

After his school, he went to Allahabad University to get his further education. He completed his studies in Science and received a B.Sc. degree. Khan sir Patna later acquired a B.Sc. after completing Mastery in Science. Khan sir was a huge fan of the Indian army and had always wanted to join. He began preparing for the army as a result of this dream from an early age. He took the Service Selection Board (SSB) Board exams once. However, due to medical reasons, he was unable to join the Indian Army Force. His hand isn’t as straight as it needs to be to pass the medical test. As a result, he was unable to realise his ambition.


After failing the medical test, Khan Sir was quite disappointed. He was undecided about his future professional path. Even he was stumped as to what he should do next. He was disrupted in any way, and he lost hope. Khan sir then goes on to live a normal life with no goals. He used to occasionally assist the children with their studies. He further realized that why wouldn’t I pursue my career as a teacher what I’m doing now. because he was now aware of his teaching ability and that he was in demand. He decided to use his extraordinary abilities to build his career after giving it his full attention.

Khan Sir has connections in Bihar, which is why he decided to open his coaching centre in Patna. He was looking for a place to live and was looking for an apartment. When he discovers it, the apartment owner refuses to let him live there because he is Hindu and Khan sir is Muslim. He subsequently discovered a Muslim flat, but Khan sir refused to reside there this time because the landlord is likewise a religious discriminator. He subsequently discovered an apartment whose owner shared his beliefs on all religions. The event demonstrates Khan sir’s same regard for all religions and peoples.

Physical Appearance

Khan Sir has great looks and keeps smiling all the time. He kept track of his food in order to stay healthy. Many people are drawn to him because of his pleasant personality and his good behavior.

HeightApprox 1.65 m, 5’5” feet
WeightAprx 65 kg
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack


He has a small and happy family. He has an elder brother who is serving the nation(he is in the Indian Army). And his parents are supportive and give him the courage to work hard. His family is proud of him.

FatherName not Known(Contractor)
MotherName not known(House Wife)
BrotherElder Brother who is serving as Indian Army
Grand ParentsIqbal Ahmed Khan
Khan Sir

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Girlfriend, marital status/Affairs

From the source, we get to know that khan sir doesn’t have any rumored he is already engaged. The marriage was delayed due to the ongoing situation of covid-19 in India. She is a doctor who was studied at Banaras Hindu University. So stay tuned for his marriage and his wife’s name will update as soon the information arrives.

Marital StatusEngaged

Net worth

He lives a simple life, he uses his formal shoots at the time of online classes and on youtube videos. His primary source of revenue generation is from teaching, his book production, and also YouTube. Khan Sir’s major source of income is teaching. His total net worth is 5 crore INR.

Net Worth5 Crore (Approx.)
Monthly Income5-10lakh PM


Khan Sir was featured in the news in May 2021 for discussing the Muslim religion. On Twitter, the Muslim community used the hashtag #reportonkhansir to express their outrage. Later, it was argued that his name was Amit Singh, not Khan sir. Following this, Khan Sir did not announce his name during a media interview, instead stating that everyone would know the name when the proper time arrives and With that, he stated that learning the name isn’t such a huge issue if it gets popular.

In response to his scandal, Khan Sir stated that Khan Sir is his title, not his name. He stated that while some people refer to him as Amit Singh, this is not his given name. He also did not specify whether Faisal Khan was his true name. He intended to expose his name but was unable to do so owing to his friend’s illness, and he now claims that if this situation had not arisen, he would have given his name, but he will not do so now.

He also stated that after the issue had passed, he would expose his identity to everyone. When asked about his faith, he stated that he respects all religions and that they celebrate religious festivals such as Eid and Raksha Bandhan. Khan Sir answers to all bogus stories in this video, including Khan Sir’s death, Girlfriend, and much more. In this video, Khan Sir discusses his scandal and explains how it all began.

Khan Sir

Some lesser known facts

  • Today, Khan Sir is so well-known that the country’s top coaches are giving him crores of rupees, but he refuses, stating that he must educate underprivileged children and will not be swayed by anyone’s offer or pressure.
  • His YouTube channel has almost 7.5 million followers.
  • Khan Sir Patna enjoys teaching people in his own special way, which is very easy to understand. Khan sir’s expertise is explaining the most complex theories in very easy terms.
  • Khan Sir sparked uproar with a video of himself in May 2021, which also trended on Twitter.
  • Even when he was furious, he never compromised his academics and always desired to be among his friends.
  • Almost all of his videos go viral and are adored by viewers on YouTube and Instagram.
  • He was arrested three times throughout his undergraduate career when he was at Allahabad University as a result of the Student Union. He fought for the benefit of the students.
  • He runs an orphanage shed (Aanath Aashram) for children who identify as Ananth. In which he attempted to care for and educate all of those children, as well as open a cowshed.
  • He enjoys taking on challenges; one day, he was challenged that you couldn’t print a cheap book without Chinese paper and machinery; that year, he responded with his 632-page book for 149 INR.
  • Just a few months ago, his coaching was attacked by some anti-social elements.
  • There is a lot of effort being made to stop him, but Khan sir keeps moving forward.
    He believes that your life should be committed to others, that this should be your life’s aim.
  • He has become so well-known not just in India but also internationally as a result of his hard work and good fortune that many students desire to learn with him nowadays.
    Currently, he is raising awareness of the coronavirus outbreak in the country via social media and YouTube.
  • One of Khan Sir Patna’s most notable characteristics is that, by researching all current subjects linked to his nation and the globe, he attempts to provide people with more and more knowledge about the issues via his YouTube channel.
    In terms of his current topic, he has lately posted films on his YouTube account on the Bengal election, Covid-19 and its vaccine, and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.


Khan Sir Contact Details

AddressKisan Cold Storage, Sai Mandir, Musallah pur, Patna 800006
Phone Number8757354880, 8877918018

Khan Sir Social Media Accounts & App

khan Sir has his own official app where you can download it from the Play Store and can use it for your good life. You can download many books related to thousand of categories. The app’s name is “Khan Sir Official”.

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